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About Searsmont

Ben Ames Williams called it Fraternity Village, the Indians called it Quantabacook, and we know our community today as Searsmont.  Located in south-central Waldo County on the banks of the St. George River, Searsmont lies at the junction of several well-marked Indian trails.  The town spreads over approximately 40 square miles.

Settled around 1780, Searsmont was named after David Sears of Boston, a proprietor of many lands in the area.  Searsmont was known for its white pine timber and water resources.  The first lumber mills were built before 1800 in North Searsmont.

Today, Searsmont continues its lumbering heritage with Robbins Lumber Mill as our major industry.

The Searsmont Community Building houses the Town Office, Searsmont Town Library, Searsmont Historical Society Museum, and community meeting rooms. 

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