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List of Local Businesses

Listing local businesses on our Website is done as a courtesy to the business owners and for the convenience of our citizens.  We do not advertise any business on this Website.

 A through F

Name:                       Adam Hills / Drywall Contractor
Business Type:         Hanging / Finishing / Priming
Address:                   P.O. Box 54
Phone:                      207-342-5667
Web Address:

Name:                       All About Clean

Business Type:         Home Cleaning Service
Address:                   18 New England Road 
Phone:                      207-322-5468
Web Address: 

Name:                        All Ways Painting Professionals
Business Type:          Painting Company - Wayne May
Address:                    Searsmont
Phone:                       207-323-1354
Web Address:  

Name:                        Ames Farm Equipment and Repair
Business Type:          Equipment Repair
Address:                    177 New England Road
Phone:                       207-342-5707
Web Address:
Name:                       Ames Handy Man
Business Type:         Handy Man Carpenter
Address:                    Searsmont
Phone:                       207-322-5705
Name:                        Anderson's Handyman Services
Business Type:          Handy Man Carpenter
Address:                    Searsmont
Phone:                       207-930-0328 / 207-322-2288
Name:                        As You Wish Party Planning
Business Type:          Party Planning
Address:                    Searsmont
Phone:                       207-751-3384  (Gail)

Name:                       Antique Express
Business Type:         Antique Auto Restoration
Address:                   15 New England Road
Phone:                      207-342-5818
Web Address:

Name:                       Arbor Tech / Travis Hamilton
Business Type:         Arboricultural Technician
Phone:                      207-691-2873
Web Address:   
Name:                       Charles Barfield
Business Type:         Carpenter / Handy Man
Address:                   276 Main Street North
Phone:                      307-871-7514
Web Address: 
Name:                       Aurora Botanicals
Business Type:         Herbal Specialist
Address:                   Searsmont
Phone:                      207-347-9211
Web Address: 

Name:                       Beekeeping / Doug Calhoun
Business Type:         Successful Bee Keeping Classes
Phone:                      207-233-8257
Web Address: 

Name:                       Brothers in Arms Masonry
Business Type:         Construction
Address:                   70 Main Street North
Phone:                      207-323-2004
Web Address:

Name:                       Cals Computing
Business Type:         Computer repair/maintenance
Address:                   52 Crie Road
Phone:                      207-342-2627
Web Address: 
Name:                       Chef on the Run
Business Type:         Food Truck
Address:                   Mobile
Phone:                      207-323-3536
Web Address: 

Name:                       Coastal Paints / Shizuka Fukuda
Business Type:         Professional Paint Work
Address:                   11 Fuller Drive
Phone:                      207-542-9189
Web Address:           E-Mail:
Name:                      CupKate's of Maine
Business Type:         Cupcakes - Baker
Phone:                      207-790-0620
Web Address: 
Name:                       Cox Machine Shop
Business Type:         Welding Supplies
Address:                   39 Belfast Augusta Road West
Phone:                      207-342-2267
Web Address:

Name:                       Dogwood Animal ReTreat
Business Type:         Grooming        
Address:                   Rte 3 & New England Road
Phone:                      207-342-3088
Web Address:

Name:                       Ecocor
Business Type:         Pre-fab passive houses
Address:                   22 Main St N, #6
Phone:                      207-342-2085
Web Address:

Name:                        Fraternity Village General Store
Business Type:          General Store/Restaurant
Address:                    Main Street
Phone:                       207-342-5866
Web Address:

Name:                       Foy Hildings
Business Type:         Snow Plowing / Brush Burning / Tree Removal
Address:                   Searsmont
Phone:                      207-975-3161
Web Address:      
Name:                       Fine Line Farm
Business Type:         Farming
Address:                   97 West Appleton Road
Phone:                      207-589-6996
Web Address: 
Name:                       FRW Tile
Business Type:         Tile Installer
Address:                   14 Cox Road
Phone:                      207-602-0852
Web Address: 

 G through L

Name:                         Daniel A Gerry
Business Type:           Painting Contractor
Address:                     1124 Moody Mountain Road
Phone:                        207-322-2104
Web Address:   
Name:                         Graphic Design - Bonnie Goff
Business Type:           Graphic Design
Address:                     Searsmont
Phone:                        207-342-3712
Web Address:   
Name:                         Jake O'Brien & Father
Business Type:           Rototilling / Bush hogging
Phone:                        207-342-4063
Web Address:      

Name:                         Jim & Bon's Day Care

Business Type:           Child Care Center
Address:                     336 Main Street North 
Web Address:
Name:                         Jim Crampton
Business Type:           JHC Woodworking & Glass
Address:                     Searsmont
Web Address:

Name:                         Kind Help Writing
Business Type:           Writing Tutor / Andrew Schindel
Phone:                        207-342-5678
Web Address:   

Name:                         Linscott's Auto
Business Type:           Sales & Service / Louis & Josh
Address:                     347 Main Street North
Phone:                        207-322-5294
Web Address:


 M through R

Name:                         Me, Myself and I
Owner:                        Deborah Devine
Business Type:           Cleaning Service
Phone:                        207-322-2535
Web Address:   

Name:                         Mid Coast ATV Club
Business Type:           ATV
Address:                     P.O. Box 1
Phone:                        207-323-5667
Web Address:            

Name:                         Millbrook Hill Construction LLC / Christopher Staples
Business Type:           Carpentry
Address:                     14 Drinkwater Road
Phone:                        207-342-4571
Web Address: 

Name:                         Patchwork Plus
Business Type:           Quilt & Craft Store
Address:                     Belfast Augusta Road
Phone:                        207-342-5016
Web Address:

Name:                         Maine Wilderness Taxidermy
Owner:                        Randy Bryant
Business Type:           Taxidermy
Address:                     Route Three
Phone:                        207-342-5804
Web Address:

Name:                         Reliable Mowing and Plowing
Business Type:           Yard Maintenance
Address:                     Woodmans Mill Road
Phone:                        207-215-7189

Name:                         R.H. Price
Business Type:           Windows & Insulation
Address:                     100 Belfast Augusta Road West
Phone:                        207-342-3140
Web Address:

Business Name:          Ridge Top Chimney Sweep
Owner:                        Chris Kulbe
Business Type:           Chimney Sweep
Phone:                         207-342-3980
Web Address:

Name:                         Robbins Lumber
Business Type:           Lumber Mill
Address:                     53 Ghent Road
Phone:                        207-342-5221
Web Address:

 S through Z

Name:                       Sea Street Massage Therapy
Owner:                      Melissa McGaw
Business Type:          Relax. Rejuvenate. Renew.
Address:                    Located Dockside - on the Harbor  Camden ME
Phone:                       207-691-1692
Web Address:  

Name:                        Simply Heaven
Owner:                       Tina Cook
Business Type:          Pies, Cakes & Pastries
Address:                    376 Main Street North
Phone:                       207-323-3536
Web Address:  

Name:                        Soohey's Auto Sales
Owner:                       Joe Soohey
Business Type:          Auto Sales
Address:                    244 Belfast Augusta Road West
Phone:                       207-342-5267
Web Address:

Name:                        Sticks & Stones Site Work
Owner:                       Charles Martz
Business Type:          Landscaping / Stone Work
Phone:                       207-342-5995
Web Address:

Name:                        Sukeforth Builders

Owner:                       Lou Sukeforth
Business Type:          Home Builder/Renovator
Phone:                       207-342-5742
Web Address:  

Name:                        The Pet Groomer

Owner:                       Heidi Blood
Business Type:          Pet grooming
Address:                    152 New England Road
Phone:                       207-322-3237
Web Address:  

Name:                        The Tick Fix
Owner:                       Ben Tyler
Business Type:          Tick & Mosquito Spraying
Address:                     P.O. Box 175   Searsmont
Phone:                        207-322-7962
Web Address:       

Name:                        Totman Enterprises
Business Type:          Tow Truck Services
Address:                    574 New England Road
Phone:                       207-342-4346
Web Address:

Name:                        True Bragg
Business Type:          Landscape / Arborist
Phone:                       207-323-4895
Web Address:  

Name:                        Whispering Pines Mobile Home Community
Business Type:          Mobile Home Park
Address:                    Center Road
Phone:                       Donald Lucas 342-2008
Web Address:  

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